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Historians such as Sir Jagabandhu Singh have referenced the Padma Purana and the Brahmavaibarta Purana and have come to the conclusion that Mahishyas and Kaivarttas (Kaibarttas) are the same caste.[2] In general terms, “the child born of a Kshatriya father and Vaishya mother is called a Kaivartta or Mahisya. If one takes the two terms to be synonymous then as Kaivarttas. Mahisya is having a status in between both Kshatriya and Vaishya, the people are spread through a geographic location extending from modern-day Maharashtra, Chattisgarh, and few in other states.[2] The Bengali peoples historian Sevananda Bharati is of the opinion that the ancient home of the Mahishya race is near the present day Ratnavati on the bank of the Narmada River, which was then known as Mahishamati.[2] For whatever reason, the Mahishyas migrated from Ayodhya and entered what is now Midnapore through the Chota Nagpur Plateau.[2] Biharilal Kalye believes that the founder of the Ganga Dynasty of Orissa, Anantavarman belonged to the Mahishya race.[2] Other such as Jagabandhu Singh disagree and opine that he belonged to Kshatriya caste of Paralakhemundi.[2] Sir Harbert Risley agree with Kalye and says, in The Tribes and Castes of Bengal states that five leaders established five kingdoms in Midnapore namely, Tamralipta or Tamluk, Balista or Moynagarh, Turkee, Sujamatha, and Kutabpur.[2]The inhabitants of Tamralipta were a seafaring race and inhabited modern Bengal and the southern coast of India.[2]Mahishya community is often closely related with Matsya but with no certainty.


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